Community Harvest Food Bank


Hello Volunteers! 

I want to thank you for choosing Community Harvest Food Bank to volunteer! There are so many wonderful causes out there, and all of us at CHFB are thankful you chose us! Please review the calendar below, and you will see options in several counties! Please be prepared for weather if you select a Farm Wagon or Helping Hands.

Opportunities include:

🍎Saturday Helping Hands:
CHFB's primary food distribution. Come help us feed 700+ families in just a few hours.
🛒Tillman Road Volunteer Crew: Stock the food pantry, sort donations, and more at the main warehouse.
🎒Kid's BackPacks: Help prepare food for children who may not have enough for breaks and weekends.
🚚Farm Wagons: Want to volunteer outside of Allen County? Farm Wagons are a great opportunity!
🏡SeniorPak: Help us fill grocery orders for our homebound senior citizens.
🎨Grocery Bag Art: Enjoy art & crafts? Help us decorate grocery bags! 

Each event has volunteer group potential, I would love to discuss scheduling a group with you! Email me, at 😎
Thank you, and welcome to Community Harvest Food Bank!


Regional food bank with food programs that support children, families, veterans, seniors, and those experiencing food scarcity in our nine county community.

Sustainable Development Goals
16,221 People | 9,565 Impacts | 29,447 Hours

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Hi everyone, shoot me an email if there are any questions! I am away from my desk often, and email will get you a faster reply than a call.